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About me

One objective: share my passions

Originally from Monaco, I studied sports science and exercise in Great Britain at Loughborough University. This university is one of the best in the world for studies and research related to physical activity and sports due to its impressive and innovative facilities on campus.


After finishing my bachelor's degree, I decided to continue my learning, undertaking a master's degree in physiology and nutrition to deepen my knowledge in the field of sports performance as well as well-being and health.


My aim is to help people perform their best and reach their goals. I also want through my videos to share with you my passion for physiology and nutrition, recent findings made by researchers as well as specific strategies implemented to improve global health.

  • BSc and MSc in Sports Physiology and Nutrition

  • Sports Masseur Level 3

  • UKAD Anti-Doping Advisor

  • First Aid

  • Triathlon

  • Music

  • Art (painting, sculpture and cinema)

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